Thursday, April 30, 2015

Red Tin Inn booth

I , as my grandmother would put it, just pit and a pat around.  I play.  To craft and create is wonderful therapy .  I am not making a killing at my booth however it does support the  crafting habit.  I thought I would offer a quick tour of what it looks like this week.  It is subject to change.

You may see something that has been on the blog.  
I have a few more vintage dresses left and they surprisingly are selling pretty well.

I love suitcases and if these stay much longer I will have them somewhere in the house holding well...something...

Well there you have it...does not take long to tour 100 sq feet.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shabby well traveled storage

I am not a stranger to revamping an old suitcase or train case.  I am also no stranger to finding a different use for a suitcase, However I can not find a better use then the trending practice of using them for storage.  I found these little Jewels in a local thrift store for  2.50 each...Yep you cannot pass that up even though they were in gnarly shape I felt there was hope.

They appeared to be from the 1940's or before one was just a card bard carry case the other was a much more high end case that may have some sort of lizard skin covering. The stress and years on them equaled them out. 

The cardboard case had a stress tear on the top I approached it with modge podge smoothing it out n letting it dry .  I also sealed the damage from the inside using modge podge. When the damaged area was close to dry I hid it with some really neat book pages from a 1960's writing book.  

The end results I am very pleased with.  What a great storage case a perfect fit on top of that stack in the house...

The next case was a bit more of a challenge.  It was literally dry rotted and flaking off....The interior all though neat was also dry rotted .

And I approached it with modge Modge as well.   A good gooey coat and ran it under the peeled areas and let it dry completely.  Then I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover Gloss (it protects and dries realativly hard) to protect the outer case.  I applied several coats, allowing it to dry until not sticky, concentrating on the edges and damaged areas.  

the inside was removed and I turned to old map pages and Modge Podge...

The end results even I think are stunning...How unique!  A warm funky completey utillitarian piece of art work.  

This was a fun and challenging project.  So the next time you see that tired case at an unbeatable price pick it up ..There is HOPE.
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shabby little caddy

I am sure that I am not the only thrifter to pick an item up because it is only .50 cents.  This caddy is one of those finds.  It was in wonderful shape a little out dated and the perfect project to break out the Silhouette. 

Before just a plain ole wooden caddy.

I am a lazy crafter so I taped it off so that I would not have to deal with the interior.  Painted it with Jackson (black) by Southern Honey and the stencil was with Nanny White by Southern Honey.  

After a few coats of paint and stencil a buffing and distressing with sand paper.  I finished the caddy up with Johnsons Paste wax.  This is a great wax for signs and items like this.  I have used it on table tops but applied a few coats.  On the Caddy and signs that I make I simply use one coat.  

Not to bad for a .50 cent investment.  Here's a hint...I have found that with most latex chalk base paints they are thick.  To make the brush marks melt away I spritz the surface with water then brush on paint.  It really makes a difference in the finish you get.  
Hope you have that .50 cent find just waiting for a transformation.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Drying lemons.....

If you like hot tea or cold tea with lemon...or lemon in your water then you may consider this as a quick way to have lemon in the house all the time.  What you will need a Dehydrator,sharp knive or madoline can dry in your oven but the dehydrator needs less attention.  You can find an effective one that will not break the bank.  

Slice your lemons thin trying to make them all the same size...layer them on to your dehydrator trays , turn it on and leave it....Check them in about 6 hours.  You do not want them black..or super hard however you want them dry..not sticky or playable...You may have to remove ready ones and leave others for a little longer.  IF you do not get the moisture out of them they will not store well.  
This is what they will look like.....I try to get Meyer lemons when available and reasonable.  They make great dried lemons...super sweet ...

You can eat these as they are and I have read where they can be rolled in sugar then dried for a lemon candied treat.  I like them in hot and cold tea as well as ice water. They will reconstitute some and impart a wonderful flavor ..and they are on the counter ready to waste.  I even dried the ends to use to scent vinegar and rubbing alcohol that I clean with.  Give it a try  I think you will be pleasantly surprised......Sheryl.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

wearing the flatware....

 I have a hidden love affair with things that have natural patina.  Silver plate being one of them.  I happened across these vintage silver plate tea spoons at the Habitat store...and for .25 cents a pc I splurged...The plating was in rough shape and I felt they were unusable as flatware but as a bracelet they would rock.

So with a hammer and metal block..I pounded the spoon heads flat....
Bent the handles in a curve using an old textile spool...I then polished them with a dremel with a polishing brush attachment.

The thing I love most about these items...they will naturally tarnish again...the more you wear them the prettier they will be.  Very rustic and unique....Mental note older spoons are a softer metal and a lot easier to manipulate...the newer the spoon the harder to flatten and bend.  Tools to consider...Anvil...hammer...and polishing method....

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

fun out door lighting..

I had walked by this light fixture a few times at the local Bargain Basket Thrift Store and finally bought it when I noticed it was 90% off making it a buck fifty.  Who can pass that up?  Right?  So it has hung in the woman cave for a while on the back wall until this spring.  I decided to convert it to a outdoor Chandy.  It was a fun and educating project....

The results I think are pretty cool.
Yep those are .97 cent solar lights that you can pick up at most Walmarts..My least favorite place to be....Here are the rest of the tools that you will need....Spray paint ...I recommend something suited for outdoors....Dremel with cutting wheel...You can read about this tool Here...glue gun...pliers that will cut wire...and heavier duty ones that can remove the chain.

I removed the inner light bulb holders with the dremel  , cut the wire on the bottom...and removed the long wire with plug ....and spray painted with Valspar ....I applied three thin coats making sure it was dry between coats.  Then used the dremel to modify the bottoms of the stakes to fit in to the holes at the center of each arm.  I applied a big glob of hot glue in the centers of the arms to ensure that the lights were tight.  I did not go in to a lot of detail on the instructions because your fixture may be different and a different approach may make the project easier.  However I hope that you do get the "Just".  This is a really great cheap project that is unique and fun ...Hint..Mental note...I do have to remove mine from under the Pergola to a sunnier location to charge.  The solar lights do not charge well in the shade. 

Happy Hunting!

I thank you for stopping by!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Must have Tools...part 1 Electric or battery operated

Now I am by no means an expert on tools.  I am a woman that loves tools so the reasons that I may pick a tool is a little different than the mans point of view.  The number one tool in my shop is a Dremel.  Why?..It is versatile!!!!

This little guy will polish, grind...cut, engrave, router, dill, sand and detail.  From big Jobs to small.  There are a range of heads that you can get for this tool and extensions..even a stand to make it a drill press.  It is light and powerful ..easy to use!  All the things I like in a tool.  If you do not have one use google and see one in action.  A good base price for one with Extras will run you around 70 bucks.  A great investment.  And make sure it says "Dremel" these are not created equal.  

Second and what gets the most use in the cave is a set of 12volt Lithium MAX Dewalt drill and impact driver set .  I know what you are thinking is the 12 volt powerful enough and yes it is.  Here is what I have found.  The higher in voltage that you get the heavier the tool gets. The heavier the tool the more difficult it is to use .  IE not only am I trying to use the tool but I do not want to "man" handle it as well. These are light and easy to use and also have 3 led lights to make seeing your target easier.  There is a drill and impact driver in this set.  Let me define "impact driver" .  Here it is in woman terms: One handed use.  You can drive in a 6 inch screw without a pilot hole with one hand .  Yep easy ...the impact driver increases your torque so larger jobs are easier.  It is loud tool when you demand more torque from it but it is very very effective.  

It also has a long battery life.  

These will be a pricey investment they run as a set around 250-300 dollars depending on were you live.  I truly believe that these will be the last set of Scew driver and impact drivers that I will ever have buy.  Google them in action shop around and check out pawn shops....These will not disappoint....
I am so glad that you stopped by and are motivated to stock that woman cave...