Monday, September 8, 2014

Farm House shabby chic stool

This was a relatively easy up cycle..the hardest part was of course getting the old red naughy hide off .  Although it looks a lot better than the before I am not sure if I am totally in love with it.

The material used to recover this is a old tobacco bag.  It has some age and some fading and some age spots.

I love the softness of it but wonder can you have too much shabby.

OF course when you can incorporate roofing tacks in to a project you just may be to far out of the box.  So I am having a love hate relationship with this little guy.  It is going in to the booth today to see what customers may think. If it sits to long there is always burlap......

Thanks for stopping by and almost Happy Fall!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

On the Cheap.


I am not an extreme couponer however I do clip , tear and load to the card to help the grocery bill.
I probably shop on a regular basis at a Grocery store some of you do not:

Why you ask???
I have been the Hubby still is and the Son is now a Kroger Employee.  In a way Kroger pays the mortgage and shopping there is.. well.. job security.
The Plant where my husband has been employeed at, for  32 years,is a Kroger owned plant.  The incentive is 10 percent off of Kroger product with the exception of meat and deli.  It racks up!
With that being said I most of the time go into Kroger with some what of a strategy and I want to share some of those with you .  
Todays savings:
Kroger is running their buy 5 save $5.00 promotion.
Ie buy any 5 products that are marked with a 5 tag and get 5 bucks off your bill.  I took 15.00 off my bill today with this well as ...
Old El Paso Dinner kits were $1.49 with the incentive..I loaded .60 cents off of 3 on my shopper card.
That is $1.29 each yes it is processed and I will not serve this every night however some nights the break is nice and the teenagers are happy.  
This fullfilled 3 of the 5...I purchased 2 6 packs of Propel water they were 2.99 one of the packs had a peel off coupon for 2 bucks off of two...  that makes each one $1.99.
I have saved $7.60 off my Bill with one buy 5 incentive.
Next 5..
12 pack of lean Pockets on sale for 9.99 however with the buy 5 you get another dollar off and I had a manuf. cuopon for a dollar.
Snickers minis 11.50 oz bag were 1.99 with the incentive I loaded a coupon for $2.00 off of two bags..making each bag .99 cents.  
Number 4 of the incentive International Delight Caramel Macchiato 24 single serve were 1.99 with the incentive I had a .50cent coupon making it 1.49.
Number 5 Quaker maple and brown sugar oat meal 1.99 with the incentive .
Total saving on this 5 for 5 $8.50

Last 5
32 oz Mahatma brown rice 1.19 each..purchased 2
box of Triscuits 1.49 purchased 1
Down hand care 1.99 and had loaded coupon to card for .50 cents more off..1.49 final cost.
Peperidge Farm Sourdough bread 2.49 (splurge but love it)

Total savings this round: $5.50
Total savings 21.60 with loaded coupons and the buy 5 incentive.

Not on the incentive but good deals:
16 count Foster Farms corn dogs $5.99 I had a coupon for $3.00 off and Loaded a coupon for a free K cola .89 cents..another night off ..that make the box of 16 $2.99 with free beverage.  
Instant cream of Wheat a little high $3.89 I had a $1.50 off making the item $2.39..
Don Francisco's 12 k cups Kona Blend Coffee 6.99 with shopper card discount (2.00 savings) and I had 1.50 coupon making the final cost 5.59.
Total savings including first 3 buy 5 save 5 incentives $30.49.
Employee Discounts and shopper card discounts $17.32
Grand total off of my bill this week $47.81
and I earned 117 Fuel Points
Next post using fuel points and how to make the most points with the least spent money!
Happy Savings!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Woman Cave face lift

Hubby last month asked me to look at some computers at our local electronics store.  He suggested buying me a new computer for our anniversary.  My reply "If you want to spend that kind of money I would rather have insulation and an air conditioner for the woman cave"  With the SC heat any kind of painting is miserable at times .  Hubby did not bat an eye and said "OK".

Here are some befores:

Just exposed beams, and a make shift work area and old table.  A lot of clutter.  This space gets hot humid and working in here was not fun.

Phase one getting the air conditioner installed .  We did put a little more money on one.  We wanted a energy saver setting with thermostat so it does not run all the time.
Then the insulation went up.  This makes this now condition storage as well. 

76 degrees is much nicer than 96......

Now that the cave is finished somewhat....Lets go in....

For cutting cost and making the walls more versatile Hubby installed particle board.  I hate the way it looks but love the cost and durability.  I decided to decoupauge the walls.  I had and still have some of a 1943 Refrigeration Manual from the US Commercial Trades Institute.  

I also had and still have some of a vintage tool ID guide. I splashed it around to break up the back ground...and think the out come was pretty cool.   Buying modge podge for this project was going to get expensive.  I instead bought a gallon of Elmer's Glue all from Lowe's and diluted it 2 to 1 with water. Two parts glue to one part water.  I needed it a little thicker for walls.  Mental note: Check your OCD at the door, You are going to have wrinkles...if you plan on finishing this project in this decade...  

Here is biggest space saving purchase I made.  

 A blue print file.  I picked it up at Goodwill for only 65 bucks.  It had two drawers that were bent and hard to open and shut.  This was really not a problem I removed the two drawers and have deeper storage for power tools and sanding supplies.  The second drawers is actually empty and I think I will line it with 2x4's and use it as an extra work surface.  I do not have to worry about pulling this thing over it weighs a ton.  We used a hydraulic jack with wheels to shift it to put in the walls.  It has eliminated all the bins and smaller drawers that were stashed about.  And everything is visible.  I may be able to find something now.  

The second space saver was a rolling industrial tool bench.  It was Free.  

Hubby did put a nice top on it and then decided he did not want to use it in his shop so of course I did not hesitate when he offered it.  It has great storage on the bottom and a durable top.  I still need to clean it.
Now that this area is air conditioned and I can now paint in here the paint was moved in.  I kept the old mail cubby that was once over my work table.   I took the front trim off and make the access larger and paint can fit nicely. I still need to label the colors in each cubby.  I also brought the storage I had in the craft room inside for small samples and mis-tints These work great on frames and smaller projects.  The red Husky tool box is on an old record storage rack and it rolls.  I have large pans and rollers in there now.   

The tree tiered storage is actually two pie pans and the base of a serving piece, all painted hammered black.  One plate was broken on it however it up cycled nicely....I sat it on a lazy Susan and it holds wax and stains.

I tried to take a eclectic perspective on storage .  An old grab rake now holds paint brushes....

Large Picture easels are used to hold frames and neat panels...

I found these neat beam hooks so this old light fixture hangs nicely..

Another larger grab rake head holds old tools and a measuring stick...

Yard sale task lighting that is very industrial and effective on the work bench with the box from an old hand made tool box keep the bench tidy..

Everything is back in ...and I still have floor room.  This is now a work shop you want to hang out in....and oh...I do pick up Wi Fi out here so..  I can Youtube how to videos while I Play work.

 Oh yea the somewhat finished ....refers to the roof has not been all decoupaged...Vertigo and looking at a ceiling do not go I am currently bribing the younger son to help..He is 6'2"

I am so glad that you stopped by.  If any one wants me I will be at the cave.....

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dump Gift Nightstand RE-DO

I first need to apologize for the poor Quality of these photos.  Camera battery was dead so I grabbed the phone.  

Now on with the post....I love it when Hubby comes home from a trash run grinning proclaiming he found me something!  Really how better a wife can I be if dump finds are like getting jewelery?

This poor little nightstand had been "dumped".

The cave embraced its flaws..

Some damage to the back legs and marks and dings from being used and discarded.

I decided to use Annie Sloan Paris grey chalk paint and distress to the yellow.  Mental note..I have had this can for a year and noticed that I had more brush marks then normal, this paint has really thickened.  I may need to add a little water or flow medium before my next project.  With the cosmetic textural flaws on this pc I did not sweat the stroke marks but on a little nicer surface they are going to pose a problem. 

I did not touch the hardware.  It was nicely distressed and I love it.

I used fine steel wool and fine 600 grit sand paper to distress and buff .  I like the yellow shining through.  I though about following up with a dark wax but felt that it would really high lite the brush strokes as well as the cosmetic issues, so I skipped it.  I used clear only.

Nope this is not a new looking item. It is shabby with flaws however still a sturdy piece of furniture. 
She is displayed at the booth....and ready to go.

Hope your summer was fantastic and this post finds you well.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fence rail coat rack

Our local Hobby Lobby marked their spring line down 80% and I could not resist.  These bird hooks were under a dollar.  Hubby and I shortened a red fence and had some rails left and this was the perfect opportunity to mix some new with the old.

So I gathered up some basic supplies...The bird hooks...some old screws , sand paper, paste wax , rail fence board , tape measure and Drill. 

I lightly sanded the fence rail and then buffed on a nice coat of paste wax.  I determined where I wanted the bird hooks to go....somewhat centered and equal distances apart.  I pre drilled the holes than attached them with screws that had rusty heads.  This was a simple yet rewarding project...

Thanks for stopping by!



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