Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dump Gift Nightstand RE-DO

I first need to apologize for the poor Quality of these photos.  Camera battery was dead so I grabbed the phone.  

Now on with the post....I love it when Hubby comes home from a trash run grinning proclaiming he found me something!  Really how better a wife can I be if dump finds are like getting jewelery?

This poor little nightstand had been "dumped".

The cave embraced its flaws..

Some damage to the back legs and marks and dings from being used and discarded.

I decided to use Annie Sloan Paris grey chalk paint and distress to the yellow.  Mental note..I have had this can for a year and noticed that I had more brush marks then normal, this paint has really thickened.  I may need to add a little water or flow medium before my next project.  With the cosmetic textural flaws on this pc I did not sweat the stroke marks but on a little nicer surface they are going to pose a problem. 

I did not touch the hardware.  It was nicely distressed and I love it.

I used fine steel wool and fine 600 grit sand paper to distress and buff .  I like the yellow shining through.  I though about following up with a dark wax but felt that it would really high lite the brush strokes as well as the cosmetic issues, so I skipped it.  I used clear only.

Nope this is not a new looking item. It is shabby with flaws however still a sturdy piece of furniture. 
She is displayed at the booth....and ready to go.

Hope your summer was fantastic and this post finds you well.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fence rail coat rack

Our local Hobby Lobby marked their spring line down 80% and I could not resist.  These bird hooks were under a dollar.  Hubby and I shortened a red fence and had some rails left and this was the perfect opportunity to mix some new with the old.

So I gathered up some basic supplies...The bird hooks...some old screws , sand paper, paste wax , rail fence board , tape measure and Drill. 

I lightly sanded the fence rail and then buffed on a nice coat of paste wax.  I determined where I wanted the bird hooks to go....somewhat centered and equal distances apart.  I pre drilled the holes than attached them with screws that had rusty heads.  This was a simple yet rewarding project...

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Burlap caddy for chicken wire and old frames

 About a year ago I posted a very short tutorial on converting old frames to pin boards with chicken wire and paint. You can read about it here.

 On my own board I realized that clothes pins scattered all  over it or in bags was just not a pretty way to store them.

..So back to the burlap stash...

 and this is what I came up with.
A Little burlap "cup" to hold your clothes pins....Here is how I did it:

I have been keeping the nylon lashing tape that comes wrapped around boxes of supplies we receive.  It is sturdy sorta like industrial boning.  Also you will need a "craft" stapler. A stapler that will penetrate the strapping.  
One you establish how big a opening you want staple several layers of strapping together in a circle.  I just wrap on continuous piece and stagger stapling all around it..with the back of the staple on the inside...
Next cut fabric that is wide enough to go over half way around your circle with a one inch seam allowance....and long enough that when doubled you have the desired bag depth with a 2 inch seam allowance.  
Once you have your material and "boning" prepared choose ribbon of your choice and get your machine ready to stitch burlap.  You will need a heavy duty needle specifically for woven fabric (I recommend marking this needle and using it only on burlap especially if you are using coffee bag "raw" burlap.)

Set your stitch count to around 28-30 per inch to prevent unravelling.  Note the dust on my machine!  I never use raw burlap on my electronic machine!  It is messy and dusty!  If your only choice is a electronic newer machine then make sure that you take extra time in cleaning it.  I use a electronic air can to get even the fine particles out.  I choose machine quilting thread for its strength and because this 1937 singer 15-91 loves it!  If you machine sews with a strong poly or cotton then use it.  

Wrap your fabric around your boning  and mark your seam allowance with a pin...

Stitch you sides ... Then insert your boning leaving enough seam allowance to fold fabric down inside the cup .  Make sure you have ample seam allowance beyond the boning on the inside...

Pin it in place....Note making sure that the heads of your pins  are facing you to make it easier to remove as you sew.

I use the standard foot that came with this machine.  The toe on the right is smaller and will allow me to get close to the boning.  A zipper foot will do a nice job as well.  I also have a stiletto on hand to prevent that little toe from getting caught up in the weave.  A large doll needle ...crochet hook or small knitting needle will also work.

Slide your edge under your machine foot, you may have to use the lever to lift it ...Set your foot against the boning, your needle will not survive trying to sew on top of it.  Stitch around the edge of that boning.  Making sure to back stitch 1/4 of a inch at the start and end to lock your stitch.  

Almost there!

There are two options for attaching your ribbon.  A) you can pin in and as you put your hem in you can attach it.  Or B)  you can pin in on after the hem is put in and attach.  I chose B cuts down on the number of pins to deal with and I am concentrating on not jumping on to the boning, instead of where the tails to my ribbon are...

Once your ribbon is attached tie it on to your board.    

While I had the burlap out and was already itching....I took the same technique and made a scrap bag to hang on my machine cabinet.  The difference  is, it was made large enough to line with a twist tie storage bag...To make emptying easier....

I hope that you have found some inspiration from this share .


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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Drawer up cycle

Handy Hubby again has cleaned out and reorganized his shop He brought me two old yet neat drawers...

Love the key holes......
I had two diluted with water jars of white chalk paint and not sure of what brand they were...I added June bug green from Southern Honey to one to get a nice shabby green...and Emperor Silk by Annie Sloan to the other to get a shabby pink...The knobs I had stashed for that special project. 

Two coats of paint, distressing, adding the stencil design (by Martha Stewart found at Joann's and purchased with a 40% off electronic coupon) and Paste wax, the outside was complete.  I decided to modge podge the interior with some shabby wall paper I picked up at Goodwill....
And to make that top edge a little neater I cut some scrap book paper and modged podged it around the top.  

Some really cool storage and super easy upcycle.  I love projects that do not require a big purchase of supplies to complete or one that you can pull together what you need from a stash.  I hope this inspires you to look at old drawers and paint differently.
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Sunday, July 13, 2014

metal mess to shabby Fab. Cabinet upcycle

I have had this little hospital metal  bedside table for a year.  I purchased it last year with a lot of furniture at a yard sale.  It had contact paper on the top that had been spray painted a few times.  Needless to say it stayed.  The interior was dirty and rusty in places and the knobs were wooden ones that have see much better days.  I will not lie to you I put this cabinet off because wow what a lot of work to undo all that was done to it.  Then it hit me I am going to try to undo all of this so that I can work twice as hard to distress it again. 
The contact paper was not going any where it was stuck and sealed with two coats or more of spray paint.  The knobs came off, I have been stashing a set with it to replace them, and the rubber feet were pried off.  I had a set of round caps that fit in the holes of each foot problem solved.  I resorted to Annie Sloan Chalk paint Coca. I needed adhesion and this paint delivers.  Every time I purchase that pricey stuff I remind myself it is worth with a project like this.  The interior was also an easy fix.  I had some vintage sheet music and Modge Podge.

 I Love the results!  Nope this is not a perfect cabinet.....

However what charm! It has stood the test of time.  It has been moved from storage building to storage building and luckily was not Discarded.  

Mental note on the knobs....

These were purchased from Pier One .  They have wonderful designs in hardware however I am not impressed with the mounting screw.  It is long and hard to keep tight and runs through the ceramic knob itself. 
 Once I had  the nut on the back of the screw close to the cabinet I applied some E6000 Glue and snugged it up.  Not too tight that screw runs through the knob and too tight may break the ceramic.  I then took the dremel with cutting disk and cut the excess off after the glue set overnight.   I have found with the cutting disk on the dremel the cut is smooth.  You can use the disk to remove any burrs.  So if you accidentally run your arm across the screw reaching in it will not cut you.  

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Vintage Love....Space age cleaning!

The main reason I picked this interesting vacuum cleaner up was for resell.....

However when I got her home and cleaned her up I was hooked. 
Made in the late 50's this is the Model 86 Hoover  Constellation ..
The cleaner that walks on air....
No kidding....the exhaust port is on the bottom in the center of the disk base. It glides across the floor...If you have  high end hardwood floors I would not recommend it ..however we have laminate that has endured around 20 years of a wheel chair so I am not that picky.

I think Ms. Jetson may have something similar!
It does a good job and is a lot of fun to use , easy to maneuver and whoda thunk a floating vacuum.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Drop cloth pillow cover

I love a good re purpose. I have also fallen in love with laundered drop cloth. The imperfections add interest as well as a vintage feel.  I really like the cheaper brand that Walmart carries it washes super soft. This was actually the first cloth that I stenciled using the freezer  paper method.  
You can read about it and the Silhouette here

The pillow cover is removable and washable.  
A simple envelope back using the original hemmed edge of the drop cloth as my top.
I put right sides together taking in to consideration of overlapping your two back pieces and stitched the cover 1.5 inches larger than I needed it.  I turned it pressed and stitched 1.5 inches from the edge and slipped the pillow form in.

Very simple and I think it looks pretty good in this ASCP painted chair.  

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