Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Coffee Bar on a budget

I did not edit or change anything when I took this photo this morning of an addition that Mr. RTI and I  made this summer.  This wall has been a modge podge of furniture and racks.  We decided that we wanted a dedicated area for coffee and tea as well as snacks and some much needed storage.

As you already know when you walk into the hardware or home improvement store prices are astronomical when it comes to cabinets.  Fortunately we are on a bit of a budget so we had to think out side of the "box" and I love the design we came up with.  

We started by building a pine base to fit the dimensions we needed....We did have to scribe the back of the shelves to fit a not so straight or flat wall....WARNING SMART PHONE PHOTO!

We also used the same pine as the back "splash" and added a kick board so that doggy bunnies cannot hide underneath.  The two shelves are higher grade plywood...and the top is from the shelving isle it is

Clear Kiln-Dried Aspen Panel 

 Clear Kiln-Dried Aspen Panel (Common: 3/4 x 24-in x 72-in; Actual: 0.75-in x 24-in x 72-in)

After a light sanding to smooth it out....I stained it with Cabot Cove aged leather stain with poly...I applied three coats letting it dry over night.  Then I applied paste wax to add another water prof. coat on top.  It looks and feels like reclaimed lumber with out the work or the high cost.

The bottom shelves were actually stained with White floor deck stain.  And are holding up nicely.  The trim I used standard house trim paint in white.  

The top shelves are actually melamine coated garage utility shelving.  It is durable already white and cleans up like a breeze.  I used the same shelving when I removed my upper cabinets above my stove... a few years back and I am very impressed with its durability.

This area is very busy all day.  There are up to five people here on a daily basis that drink coffee or tea more than once a day.  My kitchen is  Grand Central at our home, as you can see from the mess on the table, and this made a very economical and efficient addition..
Now to talk Mr RTI into doing the rest of the kitchen........I will try to keep you posted!
Much love all Season!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tray and pedestal base Marriage...

In the course of having the cave upgraded and you can read about that here(cave Face Lift)  I have been trying to finish up some projects that have been laying around.  This is one of them.

I have had this pedestal for a few years it came with a marble round top that would not stay on.  I found this tray at the Flea market for cheap because one of the handles was missing on it.  I removed the lone handle and some primer and good spray paint later...
And you have a cute little table...
I know that it is not centered...Handy Hubby has pointed it out to me...However the table is sturdier and more balanced than I thought it would be .
Perfect for the patio, porch or Dorm room.....
Happy Junking!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Modge podge French flare ornaments

Of course any one that will modge podge a telephone will not blink an eye at ripping a Barbie Head and arms off to make bustiers....Ripping the heads and arms off was almost the most fun.  
I did not go in to this project with out watching a few google vids there are some really good ones.  My favorite you can watch it here....

I started with any doll form that has an accented waist and bust line it does not have to be Barbie.
Wrap the form in cling wrap several times you need to be able to get the modge podge paper off.  It may take a few layers ....mental note....make sure your first and last layers are the paper you want to see. once you slit the back and remove the bustier you can then trim it to what ever size and shape you want.

Once you have your form the fun starts....On my last layer while the glue was wet I sprinkled with pearlized glitter.  oh yea.. I recommend making your own glue with 2 parts Elmer's glue all and 1 part water and save the expensive modge podge for the final coat so that you get the glossy that smooth finish.  It is a money saver.

I played around and made several different styles of bodice..and laced each one of them differently.  I used a bead reamer and sharp large needle to punch holes...I also used large sewing needles with needle nose pliers to pull them through to lace the backs.  This made it a little easier on the fingers.

I wanted to be able to see the interior of these to really play off the dimensionality of them....However did not want to show where the skirt had been glued in ..a little hot glue and tulle did the trick....

I hope that you anticipating this Holiday Season with much cheer and Hope.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Good things take time....

We live in a world of instant gratification and frankly the only instant gratification that I have found is chocolate and it does not last.  We moved in to our current home a little over 21 years ago with the intention of buying an older farm house and "fixing it up".  However  God changed our plans and this is now going to be our forever home.
  IT took 20 years to go from this, warning really bad photo but you will get the point:

To This:

And this:

and this:

and finally this:

Now there is a lot of sweat in this home and Mr RTI did all of it...every brick he laid by hand, the front porch ..the pergola..the fence , the woman cave (read about it here)and the Screen porch you can read about it Here..He built . .  And the inside has also gotten a few over hauls as well, this is my department.  I can honestly say that we have new home one gallon of paint at a time.  I hope to share a few updates later on.  The moral of this post is to remind you that it takes time to create a home, especially when you do not have the money to hire a contractor.  The changes to this house took time and a lot of effort on our part.  Nothing was jumped into lightly or with out planning.  However you look at it today and would never think it was hauled down the interstate and brought in on wheels.  It is our paradise we staycation here.  This is where we want to be!  You home is the largest investment you make  ,,,Take the time to enjoy it and make it where you want to be.  If we can ....You can!

Happy planning!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Farm House Christmas Charm for the Birds..and a short Tribute to the Bird Dog.

I have had these rabbit or chicken feeders lying around for a year just waiting for the inspiration to strike.  I had chalk paint and love the look of it on galvanized metal.  So a can of chalk paint

 and some of 

A hot glue gun and some floral foam and a bag of decorative Spanish moss was also thrown in.
And you have some Farm House Christmas charm.  The chalk window is versatile, you can put your house number on it or last name to make it personal.  

I think the old ruler sections add just that Funky Flare as well as a aged warmth.

The sky is the limit hope you found some inspiration for the next time you are rummaging around in the "barn".

And as a last note I want to pay tribute to the best dang dog I have ever owned.
Even when he begged to bring his Easter Bone in and even cleaned the storm door with it.

Beauregard Grande De' Bonze
(as stated on his papers)

He was neglected and in pretty bad shape when we took him in. I think you call that a rescue dog and he was a rescue dog ...He rescued us.  His unconditional love was astounding .  I had never had a dog that was as in touch with each family member as he was.  Many a day was spent with the kids in school and Hubby working, and Beau my only company. 
 The last one I said goodnight too.
The view on the end of my recliner most nights..

And the first one to greet me in the morning.
He will be missed and it was a hard decision to have him put down.  He had a tumor in his sinus cavity and removing may have taken his life.  So we loved loved him until he let me know it was time.
Good Night Old Man I will see you again when I get home.  
Readers I  hope you have been blessed with the love of a good dog it is something you will carry with you even when they are gone.  


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Monday, September 8, 2014

Farm House shabby chic stool

This was a relatively easy up cycle..the hardest part was of course getting the old red naughy hide off .  Although it looks a lot better than the before I am not sure if I am totally in love with it.

The material used to recover this is a old tobacco bag.  It has some age and some fading and some age spots.

I love the softness of it but wonder can you have too much shabby.

OF course when you can incorporate roofing tacks in to a project you just may be to far out of the box.  So I am having a love hate relationship with this little guy.  It is going in to the booth today to see what customers may think. If it sits to long there is always burlap......

Thanks for stopping by and almost Happy Fall!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

On the Cheap.


I am not an extreme couponer however I do clip , tear and load to the card to help the grocery bill.
I probably shop on a regular basis at a Grocery store some of you do not:

Why you ask???
I have been the Hubby still is and the Son is now a Kroger Employee.  In a way Kroger pays the mortgage and shopping there is.. well.. job security.
The Plant where my husband has been employeed at, for  32 years,is a Kroger owned plant.  The incentive is 10 percent off of Kroger product with the exception of meat and deli.  It racks up!
With that being said I most of the time go into Kroger with some what of a strategy and I want to share some of those with you .  
Todays savings:
Kroger is running their buy 5 save $5.00 promotion.
Ie buy any 5 products that are marked with a 5 tag and get 5 bucks off your bill.  I took 15.00 off my bill today with this deal..as well as ...
Old El Paso Dinner kits were $1.49 with the incentive..I loaded .60 cents off of 3 on my shopper card.
That is $1.29 each yes it is processed and I will not serve this every night however some nights the break is nice and the teenagers are happy.  
This fullfilled 3 of the 5...I purchased 2 6 packs of Propel water they were 2.99 one of the packs had a peel off coupon for 2 bucks off of two...  that makes each one $1.99.
I have saved $7.60 off my Bill with one buy 5 incentive.
Next 5..
12 pack of lean Pockets on sale for 9.99 however with the buy 5 you get another dollar off and I had a manuf. cuopon for a dollar.
Snickers minis 11.50 oz bag were 1.99 with the incentive I loaded a coupon for $2.00 off of two bags..making each bag .99 cents.  
Number 4 of the incentive International Delight Caramel Macchiato 24 single serve were 1.99 with the incentive I had a .50cent coupon making it 1.49.
Number 5 Quaker maple and brown sugar oat meal 1.99 with the incentive .
Total saving on this 5 for 5 $8.50

Last 5
32 oz Mahatma brown rice 1.19 each..purchased 2
box of Triscuits 1.49 purchased 1
Down hand care 1.99 and had loaded coupon to card for .50 cents more off..1.49 final cost.
Peperidge Farm Sourdough bread 2.49 (splurge but love it)

Total savings this round: $5.50
Total savings 21.60 with loaded coupons and the buy 5 incentive.

Not on the incentive but good deals:
16 count Foster Farms corn dogs $5.99 I had a coupon for $3.00 off and Loaded a coupon for a free K cola .89 cents..another night off ..that make the box of 16 $2.99 with free beverage.  
Instant cream of Wheat a little high $3.89 I had a $1.50 off making the item $2.39..
Don Francisco's 12 k cups Kona Blend Coffee 6.99 with shopper card discount (2.00 savings) and I had 1.50 coupon making the final cost 5.59.
Total savings including first 3 buy 5 save 5 incentives $30.49.
Employee Discounts and shopper card discounts $17.32
Grand total off of my bill this week $47.81
and I earned 117 Fuel Points
Next post using fuel points and how to make the most points with the least spent money!
Happy Savings!