Friday, November 13, 2015

French Couch to French Sette

Now if you are a Anne Sloan fan This is the ultimate find.  A french  style reproduction Settee.  This is, lets go to the yard sale and see what they have, find.  It was stained and they would not come off...So lets paint it....with Anne Sloan Old White.

  A lot of work  but it will be a show stopper....

First coat was watered down  an put on wet fabric.....

The stains still bled through...and a couple of more coat of ASCP two diluted 2 full still bled through.  

The fix was one I will resort to first when I have fabric of this nice a quality with this heavy of a stain....Rustoleum Maxx primer for plastics.  Worked like a charm...and you cannot tell that it is under the paint...wish I had used it would have saved a lot of paint....and cash...

She is finished with her distressing and I will say wow!  Now this was not an easy Job!  it took 80-100 woman hours.  little over a can of ASCP and a lot of elbow grease.

I used also Anne Sloan clear wax as well...I recommend using a good quality wax brush to work it into the surface and buff well ......
Love all of the details!

Even the back is a show stopper.

Stunning!  too bad I have a house full of it is in the Window at Antiques and Fine Consignments of Camden.

Will I do this again....Heck yes...However I do not think I will ever find another Settee like this again....
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Serger knots and swatches

I purchased a White Speedylock Serger several years ago and it may have a few hours of use on it.

 I love the speed and professional look that it gives however to thread the thing is a royal pain in the Rump. 

The dust in it has been taken care of but it is definitely an indicator to how long it has been sitting.

I it is very nice and Holds 4 cones of thread...makes a wonderful overlock seam.  

Well today I decided to get her out and fire her up.  First was find the manual....then to clean and get the dust out of her.  She has been sitting covered for years.  I did have some fresh new cones of overlock thread to get me started...

I must have been on my game the last time that I used her.  I cut the thread before the tension dials so that I could see where everything went...and so that I could knot the new thread on and pull it manually through the machine.  This is a great trick with any machine that is a bear to thread.  Mental note..make sure that your knots are small and tight....and pull manually through the machine so that you can work the knot through the tensioners and needle eyes.

Now the next trick is one that not only do I use with this serger but also with my Cricut and Silhouette die cutting machine materials.  I make a swatch of the material that I am using and write on it the machine settings that works best.  I will leave these two swatches in the catch tray so that they stay with the machine.  On my die cutting machines I have a note book with all of the sample swatches taped in it.

The white fabric is muslin and I use it to make pillow forms when I want a custom size.  The next fabric is 10 oz drop cloth , I use it to make custom pillows.  Drop cloth and the muslin are fabrics that will unravel.  I have been encasing the edges in the hem on my pillows .  This takes twice the time to put them together.  I would be mortified if a customer went to wash their pillow and it came apart!  The serger I am sure will be a time saver and make a lot cleaner hem.  If you have the serger sitting from frustration of threading or rethreading I hope these little tidbits get you motivated.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Drill bits and baskets

Recently a very good friend cleaned out her garage....Whoopie...And a few of the items she gifted me with I finally got around to using.

The first was a dresser mirror frame...

I really like the wooden element  in this frame and was goofing around thinking what a great window trim it would make...but when it was too small.....It hit me...
I love my tools...however in this instance I hate the storage....because...

I need this to get them out of the case...


So I converted the mirror frame in to a....Drill bit and driver tips holder......

Fits perfectly in the window.. a raised storage area with plenty of light...and I think kinda cool!

Yard stick fits perfectly across the back for a quick reference.....

Item number two was this......

So I added this...

a basket.

I see this in the bathroom holding makeup, TP or Towels....or the kitchen holding potatoes and Onions...or holding magazines in the sun room...either choice it is movable....

I am feeling blessed we have not been affected by the flooding in SC and I pray for those that have been!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Bunting and Decoupage and Cookies

If any of you have or had a small business then you know how expensive it can be at start up.  Not only are the proper license and raw material expensive but when you get to display material you just may be getting close to tapped out.  I was approached by a new business owner that wanted a funky vibe in her Shop and needed to update her display cases.  She also wanted some signage with out that industrial look.  The great thing about this job....She is opening a cookie shop and partnering with a coffee shop.  YUMMY!

The first eyesore in her shop was a second hand display case.  It had seen better days....

This case was covered in vinyl and was some what beat up.  It had seen better days.  I thought about chalk paint however changed my mind, considering the several layers it would take and it would not hide the rough texture.  Then I suggested that we decoupage it with vintage recipe pages.  She loved it...She is very hip.  I used a mix of Elmer's glue all and water.  I purchase the large containers of Elmer's at the hardware store to save money and mix it a little thick.. Two parts glue One part water and store it in a recycled Plastic creamer container.  Easy Easy to manage that way.  I poured my glue mix into a large gladware container..if I need to stop I just pop the lid on....Then tried to dip the page in an apply.  No luck.  Vintage pager is fragile so it disintegrated when it got the heavy wet mixture on it.  Plan B:  I brushed the glue mixture on to the case, applied the Page and then brushed over with more glue.  Here are some of the drawbacks on this:  The pages are going to will be harder to remove air bubbles and if you did not check your OCD at the door you are going to fret.  Consolation the pages go on in tact and after they dry they shrink pulling a lot of the wrinkles out.  (mental note make sure you allow enough overlap for shrinkage in the drying process)

The outcome is stunning!

I trimmed the case out with black Duck tape.  Have you seen the duck tape selections!  Whoo hoo...Just trying to consider what in my home needs a make over.!  The tip with duck tape is sharp scissors and patience think out what you are going to do before you adhere it.

Now she has seen some drop cloth bunting in my shop and wanted a sign made with the name of her shop on it.  Her signature color is a peach and I found a perfect match in the Americana Decor paint line called Smitten.
  The bunting flags measure 8 inches tall with 6 inch lettering.  I backed the flags on this project to make them look finished .  I top stitched the edges and attached them to a color matching ribbon. 

I cut the letters out of freezer paper using my Silhouette you can read about the technique HERE.

This Photo does not do the bunting justice.

What A fun vibe and an economical solution to making a tired case look fab.

She is so cute in her store.

I do hope that you are inspired to think outside of the case and if you are in Camden SC Stop in at Isom's Delights for a cookie and coffee.  Do not worry if you do not like coffee she also offers Ice cold milk.  


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Monday, September 7, 2015

40 volts Finished the Job.

In this photo there are two oak trees on the left.  The larger tree on the far left started dying.  A come a along and some rope tied it off to a larger tree to pull it away from the shops.  Mr. RTI grabbed the 20 year old  chain saw and it would not start so Mr. RTI cut below the first limbs with a Sawzall.  Yep a Sawzall.  We were afraid to leave the tree up with threats of storms in the area.  

Now we have a large tree down in the yard without a working chainsaw this calls for a trip to the hardware store!  My favorite store!
We came home with this:

Ryobi lithium 40 volt 14 inch brushless chainsaw...and it rocked!  If you buy one of these do not get your lumber jack gear with it.  It will take down a tree or two but not clear the back forty with one charge.  It charges in a little over an hour and we were quite impressed its power.  You will need to buy bar chain oil with it but no other fluid.  Just charge and go!  You can buy other 40 volt Weed eater with multiple attachments, pole saw, blower and Lawn more by Ryobi that use the same battery.  

And since it was doing a nice job on this tree we decided to take down the smaller on as well....

Fire Pit seating?

Now to find someone that wants firewood.  
Have a great one and almost Happy Fall!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hash-Tag on the fence rail

Up cycled Fence rail signs...

I will have to admit that I have seen some great hash-tag sentiment and thought what a great sign they would make.

I had some fence rails still laying around...gave them a great coat of Southern Honey Maurice chalk paint.  I then used sandpaper to distress them just to the point that the original color peeks out..

The Silhouette Cameo and some over head projector film were used to cut the stencil

Painters tape was used to hold the stencil on to the board.

And to hold down a few loopies that wanted to stick up...

I always stencil onto wood and other semi hard surfaces  with a Make Up sponge.  They offer great even coverage without holding too much paint.  I have been lucky and found them dirt cheap at yard sales and Thrift stores....I am using them for paint and not make up so sterile clean is not an issue.. unused is.

They also leave just a little paint on your stencil making it easy to clean up and reuse.

I again sanded to lettering to soften it...and put a good coat of paste wax (Johnson's) to give it a clean smooth finish.

I hope you look at that scrap board differently and get inspired....Just remember that in order to chase your dreams and live the good life you must Forgive yourself!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Key Cup holder

The general idea of not misplacing our keys is to put them in the same location all time.  And here is an inexpensive some what funky approach to a key holder.

What you will need:
Wooden bowl with thick base
reclaimed board
Liquid nail
picture holder

Tools you will need:
Band Saw or a saw to cut bowl in half
Screw driver or impact driver with bit
tack hammer
Paint brush or sponge
Sand paper or 1000 grit steel wool
Ruler or straight edge
Stencil or machine that will cut one for you 

After you have gathered all of your tools and supplies;  

Find the center radius on you bowl, or as close as you can get it.  You will need equal halves.

Sand the cut edges of your bowl halves.  

Paint the front of your board...

When it dries (may want to paint it first so that it dries while cutting the bowl) mark the back in order to know where to drill your holes.

I simply positioned the bowls where I wanted them to be and out lined them.  I then marked the thickest part of the out line and determined where I wanted to drill my holes.  This will be where you will attach the bowl.  Make sure that it is thick enough to handle a small screw.  If you feel you need to pre drill the bowl halves ( I got lucky and did not split one)  then place them back in the out lines after drilling and using awl or marker, mark through the drilled hole to the bowl.

Once you have determined where the bowl halves are going to be and pre drilled you are ready to attach your bowl halves.

Simply smear liquid nail on the edges line your predrilled holes up and attach with a screw.  I do not have photos of this process but you get the idea.  If you do not have liquid nail a heavy duty carpenters glue or E6000 will work as well.

Now you need to determine where you want your stencil to go and what size you need it.  

I used the program with my Silhouette and cut the stencil from a overhead projector sheet...I have a few of these boards so I can reuse the stencil.

Love this machine...because I also make these with it:

any way.. back to the project,,,

After you have your stencil placed and ready to go just stencil away ....

Allow to dry and distress is you want.  I used chalk paint for this project so I waxed the board with Johnson's paste wax and rubbed the bowl halves with Hemp oil...attach your hanger and you have a nice unique key holder.....You know these would make great coin holders to...Hmmmm I will think on that.....

Now the only thing left to do is hang it by the door you use the most and remember to drop your key in it.

Happy creating!

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