Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hash-Tag on the fence rail

Up cycled Fence rail signs...

I will have to admit that I have seen some great hash-tag sentiment and thought what a great sign they would make.

I had some fence rails still laying around...gave them a great coat of Southern Honey Maurice chalk paint.  I then used sandpaper to distress them just to the point that the original color peeks out..

The Silhouette Cameo and some over head projector film were used to cut the stencil

Painters tape was used to hold the stencil on to the board.

And to hold down a few loopies that wanted to stick up...

I always stencil onto wood and other semi hard surfaces  with a Make Up sponge.  They offer great even coverage without holding too much paint.  I have been lucky and found them dirt cheap at yard sales and Thrift stores....I am using them for paint and not make up so sterile clean is not an issue.. unused is.

They also leave just a little paint on your stencil making it easy to clean up and reuse.

I again sanded to lettering to soften it...and put a good coat of paste wax (Johnson's) to give it a clean smooth finish.

I hope you look at that scrap board differently and get inspired....Just remember that in order to chase your dreams and live the good life you must Forgive yourself!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Key Cup holder

The general idea of not misplacing our keys is to put them in the same location all time.  And here is an inexpensive some what funky approach to a key holder.

What you will need:
Wooden bowl with thick base
reclaimed board
Liquid nail
picture holder

Tools you will need:
Band Saw or a saw to cut bowl in half
Screw driver or impact driver with bit
tack hammer
Paint brush or sponge
Sand paper or 1000 grit steel wool
Ruler or straight edge
Stencil or machine that will cut one for you 

After you have gathered all of your tools and supplies;  

Find the center radius on you bowl, or as close as you can get it.  You will need equal halves.

Sand the cut edges of your bowl halves.  

Paint the front of your board...

When it dries (may want to paint it first so that it dries while cutting the bowl) mark the back in order to know where to drill your holes.

I simply positioned the bowls where I wanted them to be and out lined them.  I then marked the thickest part of the out line and determined where I wanted to drill my holes.  This will be where you will attach the bowl.  Make sure that it is thick enough to handle a small screw.  If you feel you need to pre drill the bowl halves ( I got lucky and did not split one)  then place them back in the out lines after drilling and using awl or marker, mark through the drilled hole to the bowl.

Once you have determined where the bowl halves are going to be and pre drilled you are ready to attach your bowl halves.

Simply smear liquid nail on the edges line your predrilled holes up and attach with a screw.  I do not have photos of this process but you get the idea.  If you do not have liquid nail a heavy duty carpenters glue or E6000 will work as well.

Now you need to determine where you want your stencil to go and what size you need it.  

I used the program with my Silhouette and cut the stencil from a overhead projector sheet...I have a few of these boards so I can reuse the stencil.

Love this machine...because I also make these with it:

any way.. back to the project,,,

After you have your stencil placed and ready to go just stencil away ....

Allow to dry and distress is you want.  I used chalk paint for this project so I waxed the board with Johnson's paste wax and rubbed the bowl halves with Hemp oil...attach your hanger and you have a nice unique key holder.....You know these would make great coin holders to...Hmmmm I will think on that.....

Now the only thing left to do is hang it by the door you use the most and remember to drop your key in it.

Happy creating!

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kitchen clock upcycle time for your meds!

Recently we upgraded a portion of our kitchen you can read about it HERE.  An unexpected part of this update was a clock wine bar that was up cycled in to a Medicine/what ever cabinet.

We were on our way back to the store to look for a replacement idea for the medicine cabinet/whatever.  We were using a prefab double door pantry cabinet and wanted to add something new in the mist of the excitement of our remodel.  We passed a yard sale and had to stop.  There  was a  large clock wine bar ...roughly 7 feet tall...that was a steal at 5.00 bucks..yep...5.00.  It was that cheap because the backer board was busted..not a problem .  It was a yellow off white yucky color..not a problem ....First things first..address the when I am painting a piece of furniture for my own home...I am not that worried about the inside especially if the door will be closed.  I mixed a few colors of chalk paint I had to get this french blue...Made sure I mixed enough to complete and touch up .  I do not normally write formulas when mixing paint.  

This is a neat item.  the cock will come out of the top if you  just want a clear door and the clock works.  It has some really nice detailed legs....

And is heavy!  This is all wood except the backer board...I did not get a photo of the back however I will let you know how I addressed it.  Since this was going in a corner against a wall I did not finish the out side of the back.  I taped the busted areas front and back getting them as even and smooth as possible.  Then glued on Paint able wall paper on the inside - side.  The wall paper made for a sturdy covering and was white I did not paint it.  No one is the wiser well except for you....(WINK)

I was a little shocked when we sat it in ...was not expecting it to be so large!  or wide.  However it grows on you and really holds allot.  I left the pull out tray and drawer as well as stem ware rack in it.  It hold all medications and plastic wrap and bags..nice space freed up in the pantry.  The top Behind the clock is the distilled water I used for Humming bird feed...with some room to spare.

Underneath we kick off our shoes at the back door.  

I finished the out side with Johnson's paste wax.  Yes..I hand sanded, waxed and buffed this item.  It was a lot of work and calories however it feels wonderful.  Hint on paste wax...there is never too little...the less you smear on the easier it is to buff back out.  I use a wax brush that you can find at Joann's by Folk art ..take your coupon.. paper, text or off their app on your phone. (they will accept more then one coupon if from a different source..IE you can use all three on three items at one time) My large brush cost me around  9.00 bucks and I like it.  If you are currently using a high end brush I am sure you will find fault.  However if you just want a brush to get the job done and clean up easy (with dawn) this is a economical alternative to a 50.00 brush that you will pay shipping on.

I sprayed small knobs with rubbed oil bronze paint to match the counter tops and pulls...

I think the clock added some whimsy to the kitchen as well as utility.  

I am glad that you stopped by.  I hope that you have been inspired to see furniture in a new light!  I with a little creativity and elbow grease it can be perfect for ya!

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Red Tin Inn bloggers create 2015

..I am so glad that you stopped by for the 2015 edition of
 Where bloggers Create....
I am a Lucky Gal...I have not one but two areas that are used for play....

The woman cave is a stand alone work shop with an air conditioner...and Heater....We are in 100+ deg days here with an humidity level at 87% so... its blessed hot here.   For mothers day and a birthday I asked that this building get insulated and at least air conditioned as well as a floor in the lean-too.   Mr. RTI delivered!  He even added a pergola.  This building measures 10 x 12 feet plus small  stoop and a 8 x 10 foot lean-too.

I try to keep as much floor space as possible while having ample storage.  There are two work benches that roll....The old butcher block top rack from the kitchen..that up grade is here...and a metal work bench that my husband gave to me...

The advantages of them rolling is I can actually roll them out if I need to make room for a large piece of furniture or large project.

I lucked up and found a map / blueprint file cabinet at a Goodwill store.  It was a bear to get into the cave even after we removed the drawers.  We needed to shift it to put the insulation and interior walls up..Mr. RTI used a rolling jack.

Two drawers were bent so I have them in storage and use the deeper space for the larger tools.  

The shallow drawers make great storage every thing spread out and easily located.

I also leave one empty it makes a great drying drawer for picture frames and smalls...

Furniture hardware any one??  

I had an old maple drop leaf table that had seen better days.   took it apart attached cleats to the wall then attached the table tops to the cleats.  It is very sturdy and half of it can be folded down it I need the space.  

The tables make a great area for storage and I have used it as a paint area.

I used the same technique with this book case cleats out of 2 x 4s and then attached the top and middle shelf to the cleats...Vintage books and papers that I use to finish drawers and the interior of suitcases. An antique rake head holds "stuff" you never know when you might need a large clamp and some chain.  The basket holds spray paint cans with a burst of paint left in them....I try to keep then separated from my almost full cans so that I will not assume I have spray paint...  

This metal rack also used to be in my kitchen.  It was removed when we added a coffe bar you can read about it here.........  It is very hard to not let this be a catch all.  
I have no idea of what I am going to do with that globe but I love it.  The pink table Is being converted to a activity desk it is a long project....

If you use a dremel even to buff you will need eye and face hangs from the ceiling for quick access....

Above the metal rolling work bench is a very eclectic madness..For instance the black hanging organizer has two jelly jars in it.  These hold the hardware to the project I am working on.  The blue ladle is holding trash bags..the sewing machine drawer buffing brushes ..and the chicken feeder base is holding metal embossing tools...You get the idea..Function is more important then Form in this case...

Vacuum ready to go...If you have noticed I am not that worried about cleaning the floors...and If I have to drag out a vac. and put it together  it may not get done at all.  I have attached a large table easel to the wall to hold the hose and attachments.  

Sometimes I need an  apron sometimes a tool belt....

The LEAN-To.

The lean-to  holds reclaimed lumber, an air compressor with long hose.(that is long enough to use in the cave).a tote of drop cloths, saw horses and over flow...

It has been a good day at the cave when these are drying under the eave.

The second area I have is an room add on that started out as a deck..then screen porch to enclosed room....This area is used for sewing, die cutting small stencil projects and storing what you need to do all of that...It also is a shared space with a freezer and extra fridge and eBay inventory.

It also has some wonderful toys in it...a Singer Feather weight that is in excellent working just cannot beat an old singer!

Knife magnetic holder works great for pliers....

Wireless printer, Silhouette Cameo and Cricut expressions..and space for the lap top...Do not judge the oija board blocks the early morning sun...I used what I had on hand some day I will change it...Maybe I need to ask....

a wonderful can read about it here...
It holds smalls like glitter...stamp pads..glue ..cutters punches and what ever will is loaded....

a Singer 15-91 that stays on the ready all the time with all of its extras....

I also use unique storage...the bottom drawer on this chest sticks so instead of selling it it is full of trims.. fabric and the such...

Who doesn't love stoneware....??

Cupcake tins make great organizers as well as a bread loaf pan......

Every inch is used....

Every once in a while you have to splurge and magazines and materials that lend inspiration are a must...I mean some times you just want to flip through pages of beautiful inspirations...

I Keep on of these for my own use...a chicken wire pin can read about how to make one here...and the burlap caddy here....

Like any creative space it changes as interest change and as you find that perfect raw material and that is okay...Part of the creative process is change.......

Here are some interesting changes ......

You can read about the evolution of Red Tin Inn HERE

The changing Woman cave Here...
Here  and

Craft slash utility room...HERE

I thank you for stopping by and if you are looking to establish that crafting space just remember some times it takes time....and it is worth it....Hang in there it will happen.....

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